Bespoke Digital

“Ben is a creative and intelligent writer who works fast and efficiently, producing quality content on topic, on brief and most importantly on deadline” – Magnus Linklater, Bespoke Digital

Bespoke Digital is a digital content marketing agency in Bristol, specialising in outreach advertising for clients across a wide range of industries. They approached me to work as a content creator for several clients, writing engaging material on all manner of topics from web design to emotional marketing.

Whilst working with Bespoke Digital I was involved at every stage of the journey from pitching article topics, writing and refining each piece and seeing them published on authoritative, valuable sites. I’d often be responsible for handling articles at short notice; turning a brief on the division of brain injury settlements in a divorce, for example, into a published article on a widely-read website. I had to hit the ground running to make sure these pieces were turned around in time.

A few highlights from my time with Bespoke Digital include:

  • Authoring a detailed perspective piece for a client which went on to be published by a major European digital outlet (with more than a million Twitter followers)
  • Capturing the (very) unique voice of one client so effectively that they saw substantial engagement from a single outreach article, including an eBook download from the management team of a major international energy supplier.
  • Creating content for clients in fields as diverse as telecommunications, video marketing, PPC & SEO advertising and e-Learning.
  • Developing successful pitches for articles to editors of authoritative websites (who see dozens of articles every day and can afford to be very picky).

Think your business could use some high-value content? Drop me a message and let’s get started.