Blog Authorship

Blogs are much more than just somewhere to host your ramblings and musings; an interesting, well-written blog does a lot for your site’s credibility and really helps your online visibility too. A major factor in search engine rankings is the freshness of your content, and a regularly-updated blog page works wonders for your search position.

Blogs need to be more than regurgitated facts or a thinly-veiled sales pitch. You’ve got to provide food for thought, and writing a good-quality blog post takes time – probably more time than you’ve got, if you’re running a business.

Instead of compromising between quality and quantity, put the heavy lifting on to me; I can take your ideas and turn them into fresh, interesting content that begs to be shared. Push these blogs out through your social media channels and suddenly you’ve got a whole new way of reaching your audience, one that’s organic, engaging and keeps them coming back for more.

Worried that I won’t be able to write for your business? Part of a good copywriter’s job is to be a fast learner, and I’ve written in depth articles on topics such as:

  • “An Expat’s Guide to London”
  • “Buying Your First House: a Step-By-Step Guide”
  • “The Future of Digital Mobile Design”
  • “How is the RFU Combating Brain Injuries in Rugby?”
  • “The Difference Between Freehold and Leasehold Property”
  • “The Role of Storytelling in Visual Marketing”

. . . all of which I had to research thoroughly once the client contacted me. I can quickly learn enough about a subject to write confidently, and with your expert input I can identify interesting topics that your audience will want to read and share.

Need to freshen up your web content? Talk to me to get started.