Bristol 24/7

Bristol 24/7 is Bristol’s local culture, arts and news magazine. It’s free, and can be found in most cafes, bookstores and newsagents. It’s got a great mix of local news, listings, opinions and reviews, and combines a healthy dose of local culture.

I’m a (really) keen musician, and became a regular review contributor. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to write about a topic close to my heart, and it doesn’t hurt to get free gig tickets either!

My favourite review has to be when I saw Black Peaks, who utterly devastated The Fleece when they played there with HECK and This Be The Verse. This is just a short excerpt; you can read the whole thing here:

” . . . although this is a co-headline tour it feels like the crowd is waiting to see Black Peaks, and there’s a palpable surge as they take to the stage, opening with White Eyes from their new (and only) album Statues. There’s a sense of purpose and intent to Black Peaks which contrasts with the wild abandon of HECK, a definite feeling that this a band on their way to the top.

Their performance is tight and impressively fluid, doing justice to their recording whilst adding a healthy dose of live energy. Their sound is punchy yet complex, with hints of Mastodon and the heavier parts of Oceansize making themselves heard, and the crowd loves it; a circle pit opens up, with scant regard for the half-dozen metal columns supporting the Fleece’s roof. Clearly, Black Peaks are a band aiming for bigger and better things, and it isn’t hard to picture a day when their posters are the ones lining the Fleece’s walls.”

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