Digital Strategy

Great web copy isn’t just about a strong tone of voice and a thesaurus-full of adjectives; in the digital age, you’ve got to know how to play the SEO game. The true dark magic of SEO is a very specialist subject, and it’s much easier to ruin your web rankings than it is to build them. While you may not want to use every trick in the book to climb Google’s slippery ladder, it’s well worth avoiding rookie errors that’ll see your web rankings start to slide.

My approach to SEO is holistic and puts user experience first. I’ll work up a web strategy that makes the most of your online content, and help to structure your web presence in a logical, easy-to-identify way that maximises visibility. I’ll also help to identify gaps in the market where a few tweaks could put you ahead of the competition, and ensure that you’re sending Google (and Bing . . . yeah right) all the right messages.

I’m not a web developer, but I have some fair experience working with WordPress (I built this site, as well as a couple of other ones). I’ve also written in-depth guides for clients who are SEO specialists, even creating a 5,000 word “How-To” guide on keyword research for a digital marketing firm, so I know how the game is played.

Need a helping hand with your web content? Talk to me, and we’ll get started.