Falbros Media Group

“In business it is key to have people around you who are committed, passionate and produce quality work. Ben personifies these attributes and in a crowded market, Ben stands out, producing outstanding content to the highest quality in an amazing timeframe which represents phenomenal value. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks Ben.” – Ryan Ewen, Head of Digital, Falbros Media Group

“We do digital” is the Falbros motto, borne out by a look at the numbers involved; over 1,000 premium domains, more than 300 websites and half a million ranked pages . . . Falbros Media Group takes digital content very seriously indeed.

Serious content needs serious drive, and I’ve been working with Falbros to deliver copy that’s both SEO-smart and highly readable. I’ve also been able to help out on occasion when content needs to be delivered at short notice, turning a brief into a completed piece in just a few hours.

A few highlights from the Falbros content I’ve created:

  • A 35,000-word in-depth guide to London for expats, covering topics from the trendiest parts of London to tips on getting a UK mortgage after living abroad.
  • Dozens of factual articles on subjects from bridging finance and mortgages to UK visa applications.
  • In-depth biographies of the UK’s most senior financial institutions, including the Bank of England.

 Could your site’s content use beefing up? Drop me a line and let’s start talking.