Software’s becoming better and better at catching the little errors we make, but even premium services like Grammarly can’t pick out every mistake (I’m always proofreading my work, and still catch the occasional slip).

No matter how far software comes there’s never going to be a program that knows you meant “that’s” and not “that’d” with 100% certainty. Only a human’s going to know, and the last thing you want is for your readers to start picking holes in your spelling rather than focusing on your message.

I’m a good speller. I’ve got an eye for picking out typos and mistakes, so if you need me to give your dissertation a once-over or to check through your brochure before it heads to print, I can make certain that you aren’t mixing up “their” with “there”.

Need me to give your copy the once-over? Talk to me and we’ll get started.