Treblerock Guitars

Treblerock is a small boutique guitar shop in Clifton Village, Bristol. Steve Treble (yes, that’s his real name) specialises in used, vintage and rare instruments that can’t be found anywhere else, and is Bristol’s #1 stop for guitarists.

I wrote Treblerock’s “Guitar Setups” page to reflect their approach to the instruments they work on, focusing on how they get the best out of each guitar. I positioned setups in terms of a guitarist’s personal experience – either restoring a well-loved instrument to its prime or tailoring a new one to your liking. This conveys Treblerock’s personal approach, which is what makes them stand out from the competition.

Guitar Setups at Treblerock (c. Ben Lampard):

Restore your pride and joy

Just like their owners, every guitar changes with time. A lifetime of sweaty pub gigs, festival singalongs and midnight noodling will leave its mark on your instrument, and you’ll eventually find that your beloved strummer just doesn’t play the way it used to. Don’t fret though, you needn’t throw it on the woodpile; a little care from those who know can breathe new life into your old battle-axe.

Fine-tune your newest toy

Notall instruments are created equally, and although luthiers do a fantastic job with the guitars they build, they all leave the factory with a “one-size-fits-all” setup; often not to every player’s liking. A few judicious adjustments from an expert technician ensure that your instrument is tailored to your playing style, and lets you get on with the business of making music!

What do we do?

Luthiery is an art as much as a science, and there is more to a good setup than a few standard procedures. Once we’ve ensured the correct intonation and adjustment of all components we take a look at how the guitar feels. Does it sing? Does it growl? Does it feel right? We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we know just how to get the best out of your instrument.

Prices, Quotes and Modifications

A full setup session with us costs £55 (ex. strings) and usually requires that we keep your guitar for a week. No appointment is necessary; just drop in and we’ll start work.

We also replace and dress frets, re-profile fingerboards, modify electronics and upgrade hardware. Call us today for a quote or send an email to [email address]. A little TLC not going to cut it? Visit our repairs page to get it sorted!

Our staff, headed by Steve Treble, take great pride in their work, and do their utmost to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

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