WHI Safeguard

“Ben was fantastic to have on board. We needed a copywriter to help us create an offering memorandum to potential investors which he did very well. He made very good suggestions on how the document should be structured, with investment purposes in mind. I would strongly recommend Ben to anyone that needs a thorough, price competitive professional copywriter” – Chris Wright, Director, WHI Safeguard

WHI Safeguard is a UK manufacturer of LED lamps for street safety barriers. They’ve built a strong domestic market position in the past 3 years, and are expanding into the US and Europe – they’re looking for investors to come on board and contacted me to create an offering memorandum on their behalf.

I approached this project by identifying what made WHI Safeguard an attractive investment option, outlining WHI Safeguard’s strengths in a logical, compelling way. Here’s a short excerpt from part of the memorandum that exemplifies how I tackled this project:

Our Products are Unique – We don’t always have to outperform the competition; sometimes, there’s no competition at all. Our STACKA lamp is the only barrier lamp on the market that allows barriers to be stored without detaching, so customers who want to cut down on setup times come to WHI Safeguard”

LED safety lamps aren’t the easiest thing to sell, and it’s hard to get investors excited a company which specialises in this industry. Investors’ ears prick up when they hear you’ve cornered a niche in a growing market, though, so rather than describing their products’ technical features I highlighted how their products are unique and highly marketable.

I had to work in a compressed timeframe to meet WHI Safeguard’s schedule, but I was able to turn around the entire project very quickly, allowing them to build on their momentum and move forward with the offering itself.

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